Alison M. Jones: Tours: Waters of Africa, Part 2

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The Waters of Africa, Part Two

Cultures on Ethiopia’s Rift Valley Lakes and Omo River,
and Kenya’s Lake Turkana, Chalbi Desert and Indian Ocean
A Photographic Investigation led by Alison M. Jones

Dassanech initiation ceremony in the Turkana Desert

AS photographers, painters, anthropologists and conservationists, we will be exploring rivers, lakes, a desert oasis, coastal waters and the flora and fauna dependent on these waters.

The centerpiece of this continuing investigation on The Waters of Africa is a 14-day trip for eight of us down the Omo River from southern Ethiopia to Kenya’s Lake Turkana. The Omo Valley has been populated by hominids for over 2.5 million years. For the last millenia, cultures here have been unaffected by modernization as the Omo is isolated by inhospitable deserts. We will visit by boat and by land the remote tribes of the Mursi, Hamar Koke, Nyagatom and Dassanech. We will study their ancient traditions such as bulljumping and ceremonial dancing, their present lifestyles, and their current as well as future needs on the Omo, one of Africa’s longest rivers.

Plastic water bottles for sale

Some will join me pre-Omo in Ethiopia’s coffee country, Bale NP and Rift Valley lakes. Others will join me post-Omo in Kenya on a Chalbi Desert oasis and coastal Lamu Island.

Prior to departure, participants will receive a trip booklet from me, titled “No Water – No Life.” It will have maps, a reading list, questions to ponder and some of my continuing research on water’s life-giving value, its scarcity, and the current worrisome trends of privatization of water.

On our trip we will probe for new insights and discuss issues of droughts and floods, desertification and water rights, and indigenous environmentalism. With wiser voices, hopefully we can positively contribute to the world’s debates on water.

Ethiopian shawls

Travelers: I plan to do Waters of Africa, Part Three, in the summer of 2006. if you’re interested. Join us in setting its focus!

Editors: if you’re interested in photo essays from this amazing upcoming trip!

Photo Collectors: I expect to have great images from this trip – as I did in 2004 on “Waters of Africa-Part One”, flying a Cessna 210 from Nairobi to Cape Town over Africa’s great rivers, lakes and deltas.

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