Alison M. Jones:
Personalized Coaching for Photographers

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Alison with cheetah

Alison with cheetah, Maasai Mara

    Traveling? Carrying a camera? Want images infused with your own vision? Before packing your bags, visit me to learn photographic techniques I’ve developed after 30 years of documenting cultures, land and wildlife in Africa, Europe and the Americas.

    Come for a one-on-one session in my NYC studio. Beforehand we will review your equipment inventory, itinerary, images from previous trips, and expectations. During your visit, I will use images to show what works and what doesn’t. We’ll cover cultural customs, weather conditions, useful filters, tipping, wildlife behavior, and other issues you might encounter. The skills, points of view and compositional styles we discuss will be uniquely appropriate for your particular destinations.

Provençal boules player

Provençal boules player, France

    All photographers have benefited, whether professional, beginner, or serious amateur. I work with film and digital formats, having traveled with film since 1985 and digital equipment for the last two years – even while climbing Kilimanjaro. Clients leave my Soho loft with a personalized folder of travel and photography information, a plan for a perfectly packed camera bag and a focus for creating unique images, even of the most commonly photographed scenes.

    Visit my website, which showcases my photographs and defines my philosophy. With many images in publication, I belong to NANPA, ASMP, and ICP (photography organizations), as well as TechnoServe and The Explorers Club. I have an Honorary Masters in Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography. I also am a consultant for creating off-the-beaten-track photographic safaris and eco-destinations.

    Treat yourself ($200 per hour) so you may proudly return with beautiful photographs.

Testimonials: “Alison helped me anticipate a typical safari day; use the African conditions of dust and strong sun to my advantage; and capture images, not just snapshots. Alison refreshed me on basics, stirred my creative juices, and taught me to get down low when photographing wildlife and to avoid distracting backgrounds.”

— D. Stodgsdill, traveler to Botswana and The Seychelles

  “ I just loved meeting you! I was so inspired by your work and your life. Spending time with you made me remember how incredible photography is and how sad it is that I have been away from it for 20 years.”

— E. Close, traveler to Argentina and moving to Dubai with family of four children

For specialized packing list requirements, such as for climbing 19,341 feet up Mt. Kilimanjaro or fishing and riding through windy Patagonia, contact Alison Jones Photography directly at (212) 861-6961.