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African Safaris
How I can help you plan yours…

I HAVE traveled all over Africa since 1985. My photographs of endangered gorillas, cheetah and lion, East Africa’s Maasai, Namibia’s Sossusvlei Dunes, cashew and dairy farms and more have been published in many books, magazines, calendars and other media for years. My African images have been hung in 16 solo exhibits in the last 8 years and have won awards in juried and group shows.

Mt. Kili & elephant

I first saw Africa with my family on luxury-tented safaris. Stretched beyond easy Western answers, I was changed by Africa’s testimony to the power of nature, social issues of tribal cultures, and balances lacking in our environment. Tossing out old perspectives, I became a documentary photographer, often working with conservancies and nonprofits.

I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro, swum on the edge of Victoria Falls and copiloted Cessnas for 15,000 miles over 8 African countries. My nonprofit assignments involve rougher travel than my luxury safari experiences, but that time with conservancies and micro-enterprises adds depth to travel options I can offer.

Years ago I shared my love and photographs of Africa with my neighbor Anne Morrow Lindbergh. She spoke for me in Earthshine:

“I am haunted by time in Africa, time as history and time as rhythm, for they are allied, perhaps inseparable. The many strands of time constantly weave in and out of one’s journey: time of the elephant and time of the impala, time of the European and time of the African.”

There are many formats for visiting Africa. With careful planning, most African game countries are safe. Your interests set the itinerary I’ll build for you, based on over 200 lodges and tented camps I have visited in Africa’s game countries over the years – 120 in the last 3 years. Staying up to date allows me to accurately refer to personally hosted lodges, ranches and camps suited to your style.


To ensure the greatest safaris possible for my clients, I work with outfitters and consultants I’ve known for years, especially Safari Experts and Ker and Downey. or call (212) 861-6961 so I can pick the approach to creating your safari itinerary.