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Lago Azul, Patagonia

I Do Custom Itinerary Planning!

There is not enough time or space to detail all the possible trips I could create for you, but if you need ideas, consider:

  • Fishing and glacier trekking in Argentina’s Patagonia
  • Trying a horseback or flying safari in Namibia
  • Cruising Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast
  • Cruise on a dhow off the Swahili coast of Kenya
  • Hiking France’s relatively unknown Massif Central
  • Rafting down the Zambezi after seeing Victoria Falls
  • Climbing to the 19,341´ summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro

I have done and recommend all of these sojourns! Let me help you get there too!

MY photography has involved extensive traveling for over 30 years, thus I have unusual knowledge of Africa, Latin America, Europe, USA and the Caribbean. I seem to have followed family footsteps. My father’s cousin married a German baron and built a castle in the Namibian desert in 1907. Aunt Bea and Uncle David bought a 15th-century French cottage in the 40’s and returned after the war to paint in the Massif Central. My godfather was Yugoslavian, spooked around the world and settled in Croatia. My sister designed her Caribbean home after traditional sugarcane plantations. I’ve visited and know these places well.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

My focus on endangered ecosystems, wildlife and communities has led me on twenty tours of Africa and assignments in Latin America. It has meant living in France, England, Portugal, California and New England and gotten me to drive solo across much of the US and sail New England and Caribbean coasts. And I continue to wander off the beaten track! I am often asked “How can I travel behind the scenes as you do?”

If you would like me to plan your safari or an off-the-beaten-track itinerary, call (212) 861-6961. I now represent several travel consultants whom I know well and have traveled with. My documentary interest in our connections to each other, to the past, and to this earth should assure you that itinerairies my associates and I create will surely yield the greatest reward of travel: new awareness and new friends.

Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala

for: Argentina, France, Croatia, St. Croix, Portugal